About Us


The Qualchem Adventure was launched in 2007 by Qualchem Polymer Inc. in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

In 2013, when supplied rubber and rubber derivatives from Europe and the United States as well as from the Far East were being exported to developing countries such as Latin America and Turkey, at this time the company took decision about concentraion and incorporation in the Turkish market.

The company established in Tekirdag-Ergene has become a fast-growing actor of the industry by operating a 4,000 square meter processing and packaging facility and technical laboratory.

Chosing the “First Trust, First Quality” slogan and principle as the key rule, and with the aim of expanding the product range in the sector and reaching wider customer bases the company combined Qualchem forces with ZİYLAN TABAN Inc., one of the leading companies of the shoe sole sector, so the companies created Z&Q Polymer brand.

ZQ polymer is supplier for; automotive industry, conveyor belt, shoe sole, spare parts, tyre retreading etc.